There are a number of online payment options available nowadays players can use to deposit money into their online casino account and also to carry out their online shopping expeditions. One such option available to US-based players and Canadian players is 900Pay. With 900Pay, online funds transfer and shopping is made simpler, faster, and more fun, and takes away the need for users to provide their bank or credit card details.

900pay overview

There are certain online payment methods that are specific to certain countries, and one of them is 900Pay. This cool online payment method is currently available to all players from the USA and Canada only. Players from other countries cannot use this payment method. 900Pay is an online payment method that has been created for online shoppers and casino enthusiasts by Navaho Networks Inc., a company based out of Canada.

countries and territories supported by 900pay

UseMyBank is now available as 900Pay to players from a number of countries. Some of the countries where it is accepted are:

  • United States of America
  • Canada

how does 900pay work?

900Pay works on the premise that players may not be comfortable giving out their personal details, such as their credit card information or bank details, as these are key target areas when it comes to credit card fraud or identity theft.

The best thing about 900Pay is that you do not need to give your bank or credit card details to buy online casino credits. All you need is your phone number. The amount you have spent buying casino credits gets listed on your phone bill, it is as simple as that. You need to have a phone that is able to access 900 numbers. What this means is there is no software to download, and also no risk of identity theft or credit card fraud.

If you want to deposit money into your online casino account using 900Pay, click the 900Pay button, enter the amount you wish to deposit on the page that appears, fill up all the relevant details on the page, and then click the deposit button.