Boleto Bancário

There are certain payment methods that are specific to certain geographies when it comes to funding an online casino account. If you are a player from Brazil and wondering what is a safe way of depositing funds into your casino, a good option to check out would be Boleto Bancário.

boleto bancário overview

One of the most popular online payment methods among online gambling enthusiasts from Brazil is Boleto Bancário. Its popularity is apparent when you look at how rapidly this payment method has captured the market when it comes to e-payments. You can use it to pay at a bank, at an ATM, or online through Boleto Bancário EBANX. It is this third option that makes it such a hit among Brazilian online gaming enthusiasts. This option is great for players who do not have a credit card and opt to use cash as the mode of payment.

Boleto Bancário was launched in the year 2000, and has since been providing user-friendly payment solutions to Brazilians. It is commonly called Boleto – its English translation being ‘billing slip’ – in Brazil and is regulated by the FEBRABAN, or the Brazilian Federation of Banks. All payments made through Boleto Bancário are secure, cost-effective, and foolproof, which is why it is such a sought-after method in Brazil.

countries and territories supporting boleto bancário

Boleto Bancário is the preferred form of payment among Brazilian online gambling enthusiasts. Casinos from different parts of the world accept this payment method, but the payee has to be from Brazil, as it is a payment method that originates in that country.

how does a boleto bancário work?

A Boleto Bancário payment essentially involves four players: the company (in this case the online casino) that issues the Boleto, i.e. the entity that will receive the money for which it is released; the bank wherein the player has a bank account; the player, also called the payee; and the collectors or the entities that realize the payment. In the case of an online transaction, the first three entities are prominent players.

To make a payment into your online casino account using Boleto Bancário, first ensure that the casino you are at supports this method. Then, click the Boleto Bancário icon in the banking section of the casino. A form appears wherein you provide the required details, including name, address, phone number and other essential information along with the amount you wish to deposit.

Once you fill the form and submit it, you get a pre-filled bank slip. You can either take a printout of this slip – for payment at the bank branch closest to your location – or continue and make the payment online. When you have made the payment, the money transfer process continues in the background and finally, the funds are deposited into your online casino account.