Mister Cash

Of the many online payment options supported by the various casinos worldwide, a good way of funding your casino account is by using a debit card. This ensures you play only with money that is there in your bank account, and not using borrowed money which is what you get when you use a credit card. There are many debit card payment options available for depositing or withdrawing funds at an online casino, some accepted internationally and some only for players from specific countries. The Mister Cash debit card is a great option for online casino enthusiasts from Belgium.

mister cash overview

Mister Cash is an online payment system debit card that was launched in 1979 in Belgium through collaboration between three major financial institutions of that country: the CGER, BBL, and Kredietbank.

This system has also been supporting online transactions since 2006, which means now you can use this system to fund a range of activities, including paying bills and also funding your online casino account. This payment option functions just like any other debit card, which means you must have a valid bank account in at least one of the following banks to use this system: KBC, Dexia, AXA, Fortis, ING, CBC, and VDK Savings Bank.

Since Mister Cash is a debit card, there is no other party involved when you transfer funds into your casino account. Using this system, you transfer the funds directly from your bank account to your casino account. Also, the amount you can play with is essentially the balance you have in your bank account, nothing more than that.

The main benefit of using this payment option is security. Since banks use the most advanced online security technology, including 128-bit secure socket layer (SSL) encryption and firewalls, to protect their customers’ money, your transactions are guaranteed to be secure.

countries and territories supported by mister cash

Mister Cash is used mainly by players from Belgium. Anyone can use this system as long as they have an account with one of the banks mentioned earlier. However, in many casinos, this payment option can only be used if you are transacting in Euros.

how does mister cash work?

Mister Cash works like a classic debit card. You use it to fund your online casino account with money from your bank account. To use Mister Cash, you must have a valid and active bank account in one of the banks listed out earlier.

You also must have a Mister Cash account to be able to use this payment option. To open a Mister Cash account, fill in the required form at the card’s website, provide all the necessary information, including your bank details and documents to establish proof of identity.

To deposit funds into your casino account using Mister Cash, click the Mister Cash option from the list of payment methods available in the casino’s banking section. Enter the amount you wish to deposit and click the appropriate button to go to your bank’s online interface. Log into your account from there, provide the necessary validation and authentication details, and click the deposit option.

The money gets transferred to your casino account and you receive confirmation of this fact through text message or mail. The amount automatically gets debited from your bank account, and you are ready now to play the games available.