There are a number of secure online payment methods that you can use to deposit funds into your casino account safely. Some of these methods are third party vendors that allow you to deposit money into your casino account using either a credit card or directly through your bank account. One such option that is available to players from Spain when they opt to gamble online is TeleIngreso.

teleingreso overview

TeleIngreso is brought to you by ESGIRO SL, a company with a registered address in Madrid. It is a great online payment option for Spanish players, as it allows them to fund their online casino account via ATMs, post offices and retail outlets. This is because this payment option has a well-established network of over 3,000 ATMs, 2000 post offices, and 300 sales outlets within Spain.

TeleIngreso provides a completely secure payment option simply because you pay the funds not directly online, but at one of the outlets that supports this option – a post office, an ATM, or a sales outlet. This makes it a popular and safe option to consider for people looking to play at an online casino and also willing to go offline to pay the money to fund their casino accounts.

countries and territories supported by teleingreso

Since TeleIngreso is brought to you by ESGIRO SL, a Madrid-based company, and has a strong network of ATMs, post offices, and retail outlets within Spain, it is only natural that this method is available to players from just that country.

how does teleingreso work?

One of the great things about TeleIngreso is that you do not have to register with it to be able to use it. You do, however, have to live in Spain to be able to use this method to deposit money into your casino account.

To deposit funds into your online casino account using TeleIngreso, you need to first click the TeleIngreso option from the list of payment methods available. Once you select this as the preferred mode of payment, you get a 9-digit-long transaction code. The next step requires you to go offline and visit one of the entities that are part of the TeleIngreso network – an ATM, a post office, or a retail outlet.

Once you are there, provide them the 9-digit transaction code you got from the casino and make the payment for the required amount using your credit card or by paying with cash.

Once you make this payment, the confirmation is provided to the online casino, which links the payment to your account through the 9-digit code you provided at the payment outlet. The casino then credits the money into your account, and you are ready to play any and all casino games.