Discover a wide range of free to play online bingo games on this site, which you will find are not only highly entertaining to play, but will prepare you for the selection of lucrative real money bingo games on offer at our host casino.

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    Bingo bonanza
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    Sassy bingo
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    Super bonus bingo

Types of online bingo games

Online bingo games would not be called bingo games if they did not closely resemble their land counterparts. This is why 75 and 90-ball variants are available in so many different and entertaining themes – many with a unique “twist” to make things even more interesting.

But no matter what the name of the bingo game or how it is played, the premise is always the same for each – you need to complete your bingo card with the numbers called in order to win.

How to play online bingo games

First decide whether to play for real money or play money. Play all of Microgaming’s premier online bingo games on this site for free or at our host casino for real – the choice is yours.

But regardless, the next step is to choose your online bingo game, and once you’ve done that, a coin size that best suits your budget.

Depending on the bingo game, you may be able to choose to play multiple boards in each game. Note that the number of boards you choose to play will be multiplied by your bet.

At this point you can start the game by clicking the “Play” button and you should see a load of balls drop into view, with some matching numbers in your bingo board(s). You can see if you have won if you have any credits in your win meter.

Some online bingo games will allow you to buy “extra balls” to help you make more winning combinations. Be aware, however, that this can be a costly exercise as the price of every extra ball will increase the more you opt to buy.

Reasons to play microgaming bingo games

The reasons to play Microgaming-powered bingo games are many, but the most common are:

  • Easy and Exciting to Play – Online bingo is not only quick and easy to play, but due to its very random nature, very exciting as well with big payout potential.
  • Multiple Coin Denominations – Whether you like to play bingo online with a limited budget or you are a high roller, most games accept multiple coin sizes.
  • Enormous Payouts – These games have the potential to pay out huge amounts such as your bet x20000 and even more in the case of progressive jackpot bingo.