Blackjack Flash

Blackjack is one of most popular table games because it is not only a game of chance, but also a game of skills and strategies. The game, therefore, greatly appeals to players who dislike games of pure chance such as slots and roulette.

There are two ways to play blackjack online. First, players can download the online casino gaming software and then access their favorite blackjack variants. Second, they can play the games directly from their browsers. Both methods have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of blackjack in flash

The advantages of Flash blackjack casinos are many. Players prefer playing Flash blackjack games because they do not have to download any bulky software. Flash blackjack games can be played directly from their browsers; players only need to have the latest version of Flash installed onto their systems.

Since players can play Flash blackjack directly from their browsers, players need not play at their own computers. They can access their favorite Flash blackjack games from any computer under the sun. Flash blackjack casinos are, therefore, ideal for players who do not own a computer and depend on public computers.

Flash blackjack casinos are also ideal for Mac users, who cannot download any software onto their systems.

Most popular instant play blackjack games

Several variants of online blackjack are available in the Flash format. Here are some of the most popular variants of Flash blackjack:

Pontoon – Pontoon is the way British players play blackjack. The rules of Pontoon are similar to those of classic blackjack. The game is played by a group of 5 – 8 players with as many as 8 decks of cards.

Spanish 21 – This variant is played with a deck of cards without the tens. It is very popular because of its low house edge.

Blackjack Switch – Players can play two hands at a time and switch cards from one hand to the other if desired. This greatly increases their chances of winning.

Perfect Pairs – Played with as many as 6 decks of cards, this variant offers a bonus for a pair.

Vegas Strip – Immensely popular on the Vegas Strip, this variant is played with only 4 decks and players can split aces only once.

Flash progressive blackjack

Progressive blackjack is also available in the Flash format. It is a variant of classic blackjack that offers a progressive jackpot to players who place an extra side bet of $1.