Progressive Blackjack

Since traditional blackjack can get boring, the online casino industry has attached attractive progressive jackpots to traditional blackjack games to make them more interesting. Called Progressive Blackjack, this variant is available at almost all prominent online casinos, giving players the opportunity to win large sums of money in the shortest possible time.

The rules of progressive blackjack are the same as those of classic blackjack. Players are required to beat the dealer by getting either blackjack or a hand better than the dealer’s. The only difference between progressive blackjack and traditional blackjack is an optional side bet of $1, which is capable of unlocking the progressive jackpot feature of the game.

how progressive blackjack works

As previously mentioned, progressive blackjack games are based on the familiar rules of classic blackjack. Even if an online gaming software provider attaches a progressive jackpot to a unique blackjack variant, the rules will still be similar to those of classic blackjack with slight modifications. Players have to play against the dealer and can try beating the dealer by hitting, standing, doubling, splitting, purchasing insurance, and so on, depending on the rules of the progressive blackjack game being played.

Players might wonder how the progressive jackpot is built in case of progressive blackjack games. Players desirous of winning the progressive jackpot are first required to unlock the progressive jackpot feature by placing an optional side bet of $1. Such bets placed by players in different casinos belonging to the same network contribute to the progressive jackpot.

If players get four suited aces, they will win the entire jackpot amount. And even if players do not get the required four suited aces, they can win percentages of the jackpot depending on how many aces they get.

playtech progressive blackjack

Playtech offers progressive blackjack games based on the rules of Vegas Strip Blackjack. Players need to make an extra bet of $1 to win the progressive jackpot. Bets placed by players in all Playtech-run casinos contribute toward building the jackpot.

microgaming progressive blackjack

Microgaming has attached a progressive jackpot to its popular Triple 7s Blackjack game. This variant is played with 5 standard decks, which are well shuffled after each hand is played. The rules require dealers to stand on 17, and the strongest hand is the blackjack. The game also comes with the Expert Mode, which allows players to customize strategy charts and use the Auto Play feature.