Cashback Bonus

Cashback bonus offers can be hard to find as they are not nearly as common as regular welcome or signup bonuses. But if you come across them, be sure to consider taking advantage of them. Unlike a regular online casino bonus, this type of bonuses gives you the opportunity to redeem a percentage of your losses over a specified period, up to a specified amount.

what is a cashback bonus?

A cashback bonus is designed to reward regular players at an online casino by giving them a specified percentage cash back or rebate on their deposits over a specified period of time.

Take our host casino, for instance, which right now it is offering all of its registered real money players the chance to enjoy a 10% cash back bonus of up to $450 in bonus credits each and every month. That adds up to over $5,000 is bonus cash back every year for doing nothing except making deposits.

What’s great about this particular cashback bonus offer is that you qualify to receive it regardless of your winning status, so come rain or shine you will always get something back.

For many online gambling fans, this type of bonus is much preferable to a typical signup bonus, which once used up, is gone for good. The main difference between a welcome bonus and a cashback bonus is that the former rewards you up front while the latter rewards you down the line.

benefits of a cashback bonus

Unlike a welcome bonus, which is simply designed to dump more cash into your real money account before you head off to the casino game lobby, more strategy is involved with a cashback bonus. For instance, you should always consider depositing the amount each month that will secure you the biggest possible cashback.

Using a 10% cashback bonus of up to $450, by depositing $4,500 or more each month, you can rest assured that you’ll never get a rebate of less than $450 each month. Then using your cash back, you should bet big on games with a lower house edge (such a Blackjack or Baccarat) to meet the bonus wagering requirements faster.

cashback bonus terms and conditions

Like all online casino bonuses, cashback bonus offers come with terms and conditions which must be met before you can cash out winnings or receive a rebate. For instance, the minimum playthrough requirement is typically 30 times.

In addition, the terms and conditions will also tell you which day of the week you can expect to receive your cashback. Be aware, however, that no cashback will be credited to your casino account if you have pending withdrawals, withdrew funds during the previous week, or you have less than $10 in your account.