Casual Games

Casual games may fall outside the realm of most regular casino games, but they are great fun. They are all unique in their own way, but what they have in common is that they are bright and colorful, entertaining to play, and loaded with big payouts.

types of casual games

To describe each and every one of the more than 40 casual games you can play instantly for free on this site or for real money at our host casino would be a lengthy task indeed, considering that casual games are very much unique.

Take Beer Fest, for instance, a game with a German beer fest theme. After placing a bet, you must partake in three tasks at a beer fest. The first involves picking the best beer drinker out of two candidates, the second matching food with the waitress, and the third picking the strongest of four tables for a reveler to dance on. Each correct pick wins you a payout.

Six Shooter Looter, however, is a game set in the Wild West. After placing your bet, spin the chamber of a six-shooter gun to determine how many steps you can take on the path (between 1 and 6) to riches or death. Your aim is to make it to each gold pile to win a payout, while avoiding the buffalo skulls, which will result in your demise by way of three arrows.

Benefits of Online Casual Games

  • Graphically Rich – A big benefit of casual games is that they are specially designed to be visually engaging, which is why they have bold and colorful graphics, and in many cases entertaining animations to up the excitement stakes even more.
  • Break Up Sessions – Casual games are a great way to break up your gaming sessions. For instance, if you’re a blackjack fan, after hours of thinking non-stop blackjack strategy, you can enjoy taking a break of sorts by playing a few casual games.
  • Boast Big Payouts – Although casual games are no match for the popularity of regular online casino games like slots or table games, they can still pack a powerful punch when it comes to their payout potential, and this makes them worthwhile.
  • Different Coin Sizes – The vast majority of Microgaming powered casual games accept a variety of coin denominations, which means no matter what your online gaming budget is, you’ll always find a casual game or two to suit your pocket.