Fruit Machines

Fruit Machines found their popularity in pubs around the UK. Traditional fruit machines tend to boast a single pay line across 3 (up to 5 reels) with both a “Nudge” and “Hold” feature. AWP are pretty much exactly the same as those except that they tend to have extra bonus rounds, with “prizes” to be won. Play all of the Microgaming AWP games for free right here.

  • Fruit fiesta 5 reel
    Fruit fiesta 5 reel
  • Fruit slots
    Fruit slots
  • Fruit vs candy
    Fruit vs candy
  • Sweet harvest
    Sweet harvest

about awp slots/fruit machines

No stranger to AWP slot games or Fruit Machines, over the years top online software vendor Microgaming has developed and released approximately 45 of these games, each one more fun, entertaining and lucrative than the next.

In fact, you can play all 45 of these games right here, right now for free or for real money at All Slots Casino. You’ll find that each and every AWP slot has its own theme and look and feel, complete with bold and engaging graphics, and more than enough features to keep you and your playing funds interested for hours.

In many of these game you will see terms such as “Boost”, “Skill Shot”, “Nudge”, “Shifta”, “Stoppa”, “Selector”, “Hold” and others, which are each part of these type of online slot games, and which are designed to make game play more exciting.

With games that boast intriguing names such as Spin Magic, TheBeesKnees, Winning Wheels and Bundle In The Jungle to choose from, rest assured that you’ll never run out of AWP titles or fruit machines to play.

benefits of awp slots

Prizes Up For Grabs – Not to be confused with physical prizes such as carnival teddy bears, the prizes in AWP games refers to winnings you stand to win in the respective game’s prize or bonus round, which can be very generous.

Trip Down Memory Lane – Closer to old school classic 3-reel slots than more modern multi-line, multi-reel video slots, AWP slots are reminiscent of another age of slots when they first became known in Great Britain.

Engaging Themes – Because fruit machines usually have fewer features than video slots, the game designers are well known for going to town in terms of making each game as graphically striking and unique as possible.

Varying Coin Sizes – The size of coins accepted by any slot game is of paramount importance because it will determine whether the game fits your particular budget or not. The good news is that both AWP slots and fruit machine accept a range of coin sizes, so you will always be able to find a game to suit your requirements.