Aces and eights

microgaming aces and eights video poker overview

The most noticeable aspect of the Microgaming software powered Aces and Eight Video Poker game is its pay table, the 4 of a Kind payouts listed up on it have all been enhanced offering a set of much better payouts for these kinds of hands.

wild cards and bonus round

As with all Video Poker games from Microgaming to ensure complete fair play all of the cards in the deck, of which there are 52, are shuffled before a new game is dealt out.

None of the 52 cards in the deck are wild cards and as such they are all worth their normal face values, Aces are of course either high or low in value as required by your hand.

A simple guessing type Gamble game can be activated when you have had a winning hand dealt out to you. To take this option simply click on the Gamble button and you then have to pick one face down card hoping it is a higher valued one than the up facing card.

microgaming aces and eights video poker payout table

The following payouts are based on a 5 coin maximum bet.

Attribute Value
Royal Flush 4000 coins
Four of a Kind Aces 400 coins
Straight Flush 350 coins
Four of a Kind (7’s) 250 coins
(Other) 100 coins
Full House 40 coins
Flush 25 coins
Straight 20 coins
Three of a Kind 15 coins
Jacks or Better 5 coins
Two Pairs 10 coins

tips and strategy

You will never make any strategic playing errors when playing Microgaming’s Aces and Eight Video Poker game when you activate the Auto Hold feature. This can be switched on by locating the control switch located under the Options tab.

game info

Attribute Value
Coin Size 0.25, 0.50, 1.00, 2.00, 5.00
Min Bet 0.25
Max Bet 25.00
Double Up Limit $3200.00
Software Microgaming