American roulette

microgaming american roulette

If you like Microgaming’s suite of original classic Roulette games, then one which is always worth checking out is their double zero American game, which boasts plenty of available wagering possibilities and is a quick to play Roulette variant.

why play microgaming american roulette

When Microgaming launched their original suite of Roulette games they knew these games had to appeal to players, and as such they designed them in such a way that anyone playing them could easily navigate the betting layout.

This means should you wish to play a Roulette game which is user friendly, and offers all of the usual betting options including Street Bets, Straight Up wagering options and all of Dozen Number and Even Money paying bets then Microgaming’s original American Roulette game could be the one to play.

payout table

Attribute Value
Straight Up 35/1
Split 17/1
Street 11/1
Square Bet 8/1
Line Bet 5/1
Column / Dozen 2/1
Even 1/1

rules and strategy

You need to be aware that the American Roulette variant has two zeros in play on the wheel, whilst you can of course bet on either or both of the respective betting positions on the betting layout, due to this game being a double zero Roulette game the house edge on this game is quite high.

As with all of Microgaming’s table games they have made the American Roulette game as simple and straight forward as possible to use, and as such you first need to pick one of the available chip values as the base vales for your chips, simply click on one of the chips in the chip box to allocate a value to them.

Once you are happy with you chip values you then need to pick which number or number groupings you think will spin in on the very next spin, you do this by moving your mouse on to the respective betting position on the betting layout and left click your mouse to place those wagers.

Should at any time you change your mind on any bet you have placed then simply right click on that bet and it will be removed from the table, to clear all of the wagers you have placed you simply need to click on the Clear button and they will all instantly be removed.

You can then set the Roulette ball into motion by clicking on the Spin button, you can place wagers up until the point where you have clicked the spin button, but no additional wagers can be placed once you have set the ball in motion.

game info

Attribute Value
Coin Size $1.00 – $5.00
Min Bet $1.00
Max Bet $200
Double Up Limit No Doubling
Software Microgaming