Bunny boiler

Bunny boiler game overview

The original Bunny Boiler game is one of Microgamings standard treasure trail type games, the aim of which will see you working your way along a special onscreen trail.

You will be hoping to pick up cash awards as you progress along the trail however you need to be aware that danger spots which end your game could be landed on.

The further you manage to get on the trail the bigger your potential rewards will be, make it right to the end of the trail and you will win one of the jackpot payouts on offer.

How to play the bunny boiler game

You will be able to set the game in motion by simply clicking on the New Game button once you have selected a stake at which you wish to play the game for.

You will then be awarded a number of spins and each spin you make will award you with a certain number of steps which you then move along the trail.

You will find four different types of position can be landed on as you play this Bunny Boiler game, one awards a cash prize, one is a blank position and you get nothing for landing on that location on the trail, there is a relocate position and landing on a danger spot ends your game instantly.

How do i win?

Land on a Gold Pot and you win that amount in coins

Jackpot information

You can win a large staked amount multiplier as the jackpot payout. This is displayed on the very last position on the bonus trail.

Bunny boiler game rules

Just one payout is awarded on each game you play.

The last payout you landed on or crossed over is the one you will win.

The maximum jackpot you can win per game is displayed on the end position on the bonus trail.