Classic blackjack gold

about microgaming’s classic blackjack gold game

With just a single deck of playing cards in play on the Classic Blackjack Gold game from Microgaming, then this game is a must play game when coupled with the playing rules.

how to play classic blackjack gold

Being a single hand game then you can only play one hand per game. However to start a game a stake level must be selected.

You then simply need to end the game with a higher valued hand than the one the Dealer is showing or hope the Dealer’s hand busts.

player’s turn to play

Clicking on the Deal button will launch the game into action, and the dealer will then deal himself on face up card and he will also deal you two facing up cards.

You then simply need to choose how to play your hand as per the game playing rules listed below.

the dealer’s actions

  • Should the Dealer’s hand have a total value of 17 or higher then he will stand that hand.
  • Only one initial face up card is dealt to the Dealer.
  • The remaining cards are dealt to the Dealer after you have made your playing and/or betting moves.

winning hands

You win if:

  • You are dealt an unmatched Blackjack hand which is any Ace and any ten valued card.
  • Your hand does not bust but the Dealer’s hand does.
  • Your hand ends the game with a higher value than that of the Dealer’s hand.

rules of the game

  • This Classic Blackjack game uses one deck of cards.
  • All cards will be shuffled before a new game commences.
  • You can only play one hand per game.
  • A winning Player’s Blackjack hand pays 3 to 2.

strategy and tips

Microgaming’s single hand Classic Gold Series Blackjack game has a house edge when played perfectly of 0.13%.

game info

Attribute Value
Software Micrgaming
Number of Decks 1
Blackjack Payout 3:2
Dealer Stand on 17 Yes (All 17’s)
Re-split No
Split Yes
Double Down Hard 9/10/11
Split Aces Can Draw
Insurance Yes
Surrender No
Min Wager 1.00
Max Wager 200 credits
Max Jackpot 500 credits