Hand to hand combat

hand to hand combat scratch card game overview

If you have ever played the game of Rock, Paper and Scissors before and enjoyed playing it then the Hand to Hand Combat game will probably be a game you will also enjoy playing.

It is one of Microgaming’s Scratch Card games and as such you will find it available to play in most casinos utilizing their state of the art software.

how to play the hand to hand combat scratch card

Much like all other Scratch Card games you first need to select a stake level at which to play the game for then simply click on the New Card button.

You will then see a new card loading onto the screen and this game will give you five chances of winning.

You need to scratch off a set of panels which are designated as your moves, along with a set of panels designated as your opponents move.

how do you win?

  • The hand movement classed as your move must beat your opponents.
  • A flat palm beats a clenched hand.
  • A clenched hand beats a two finger hand gesture.
  • A two finger move beats a flat palm.

jackpot information

The maximum cash prize you can win when playing this Hand to Hand Combat game is 100 times your total staked amount.

hand to hand combat scratch card game rules

The rules of this game are very simple your hand gesture simply has to beat your opponents hand gesture.

You can win up to five times per Scratch Card game you play and the amount of your winnings is revealed by scratching off the prize panel.

The prize panel is located in between both your opponents and your “hand move” panel as displayed on the screen. Simply scratch this panel to discover a multiplier value.