Chapter 1 – How to Choose an Online Casino

Thanks to modern computer technology, which doesn’t just create the artwork, but also allows for thousands of people to connect at the same time, we are now able to play any casino game at an online casino. Online casinos have been evolving since the 1990s and offer the convenience of playing casino games anywhere at any time. Nowadays, there are thousands of online casinos worldwide that have the license to operate under a specific country’s jurisdiction. However, not all of them have all the necessary attributes an online casino should have, in order to offer the entertainment and the thrilling experience that a player is looking for when choosing an online casino.

When we built MyCasinoRoom we searched far and wide for a casino that we felt had all the best attributes. We chose All Slots because it consistently outscored competitors in all the categories below.

We firmly believe that All Slots is among a handful of elite online casinos that outperform the market in all respects.

These were the categories at the basis of our evaluation:

  • Registration Protection – For obvious reasons anyone who accesses an online casino is first and foremost concerned about security. This is why the casinos we feature on our site are not only safe, but their registration processes are quick and easy.
  • Money Transfer Choices – In the last few years it has become increasingly harder to deposit money into an online casino account. Since this is one of the biggest complaints of avid players, we have applied the toughest criteria to our selections. These casinos will accept all kinds of deposits, no matter whether it is credit cards, wire transfers, Neteller, or other options.
  • How Fast You Can Get Your Money Out – Winning big money is great, but it is rather useless if it takes ages to actually get that money paid out. Because we are casino experts, we are aware of the importance of quick payout times. That’s why all of the 2013 casinos which have our backing, will pay your money out in no time. You will be surprised by how easy it is to cash in your winnings.
  • Great Software – In order to get an authentic casino experience the software quality is of the utmost importance. Its design and usability will determine the navigation process. Particularly for players who are not seasoned veterans, a good online casino software will determine whether or not players will enjoy their time playing their favourite games.
  • Game Selection – Even if an online casino has great software, players will always emphasize the importance of being able to choose from a variety of different games. Therefore, our experts have only selected casinos which will provide you with a vast selection to pick from. No matter whether you like playing table games, love the challenge of slots, or have a knack for video poker, our 2013 picks will be able to satisfy your wishes. The newest online casino sites have even managed to create a variety of over 500 different games.
  • Customer Support – Whenever you need help with you gambling experience, you can be sure to receive help around the clock. Customer care will be provided any time players need it.
  • Jurisdiction – Even though players often do not think about a casino’s licensing jurisdiction, it is an important point to factor into your internet gambling choice. A casino’s jurisdiction does not imply a casino’s actual location, but rather the country or territory which enforces its laws upon the casino. Some jurisdictions provide much more player protection than others.
  • Auditing – Independent auditors are another tool to ensure online casino players are not being taken advantage of. Independent auditors are third party institutions, which ensure fairness by reviewing randomization of winnings and wager to payment ratios.

For a safe and enjoyable online gambling experience, any casino that you choose should fulfill all of these outlined requirements. Apart from a more fun filled time, it will also provide you with peace of mind concerning the fairness and protection of your monetary investments.