Chapter 2 – Installing Online Casino Software

Many people still fear that online casinos are not a good substitute for brick and mortar ones. They fear that with all the different games a casino is supposed to offer, such as slots, roulette, and blackjack only to name a few, there would be no way all these bytes of software could possibly fit onto their computer. Fortunately, that’s not true at all.

Usually there are two ways to enjoy all the benefits of an online casino. Games can be played as instant play versions or the software can be downloaded onto your PC (Macs usually only support the Flash player options). Here is what to do in either case:

  • Casino Guide for Download version (Windows Users)
  • Casino Guide for Instant Play/Mac

You don’t have to be a computer genius to be able to install casino software onto your computer, the download is usually simple and intuitive. To make sure that you get all the steps right, just follow our detailed instructions and you will be ready to play in no time.

casino guide for download version

1. Choose your Online Casino

We have done the hard work, as you will see throughout our site. All Slots Casino offers everything we believe a casino player should be looking for, and more.

Just click on any link to All Slots Casino here at to visit their website.

2. Get Ready to Download

Since the link will already refer you to the online casino website, you save the time it would take to tediously spell out a URL in another window. The way we have linked to the internet casinos completely eliminates that step. In addition to that, you get to take advantage of a bonus which can only be received through connecting with the casino on our website.

To give you a better idea of the installation process, here is an example of how this works at our host casino. Though the details can differ from site to site, the fundamentals will always stay the same. As soon as you are on the casino’s site, there should be an option to click (most of the time in the form of a button) saying “Play Now”. Some casinos might use words like “Download” or “Register” but the principle always stays the same.

3. Security Warning

Once you have initiated the download, Windows will prompt a security warning in a pop up window. This is a normal procedure, which happens every time you install something on your computer. Most likely you have seen this warning in the past asking you for permission. The great thing about using our links is that you can be sure of its security and don’t have to hesitate to click “Yes”.

Sometimes you won’t have the option of running the file right from the window. In this case you can just choose to “Save” it. Afterwards you will be able to access this file from the “Downloads” folder on your computer.

4. The Download

Most casinos have streamlined this part of the process recently. You will; be presented with a window that prompts you to install the casino. When you select this option, the download will start but you will have the opportunity to register an account while this is a happening.

Rest assured that the software is completely safe and secure and will not harm your computer.

5. Installation

As you will see, you have the opportunity to register with the casino while the download and installation process takes place. You can be assured that the software being downloaded is safe and secure.

Once this process is complete you will see a message “Installation Complete” at the bottom od the window and the status bar will have reached the right of the window.

At this point you can register a new player account, which you can read more about in Chapter 4.

We hope to have illustrated the simplicity of an online casino download on your computer. Now nothing will keep you from accessing the reputable and safe casinos that we have selected for you anymore.

casino guide for instant play/mac

If you do not want to download software on your computer, or if you are the proud owner of a Mac, there is another option to take advantage of the online casino fun. Usually casinos offer instant play access to popular game like blackjack, roulette, slots and poker only to name a few. Here’s a detailed guide on how to make it happen.

1. Choose “Play Now”

We have done the hard work, as you will see throughout our site. All Slots Casino offers everything we believe a casino player should be looking for, and more.

Just click on any link to All Slots Casino here at to visit their website.

Many online casinos have the option to access their games through instant play. They run perfectly on a Mac or in a Web browser like Internet Explorer on your Windows PC.

2. Click on “Instant Play”

Once you are referred to the casino website, you should be presented with a link called “Instant Play”. In some cases “Flash Casino” is used to represent that feature. Many casinos use a button to draw attention to this feature, but sometimes there will be a hyperlink labelled “Flash Casino”, which will provide you with the same option. Once you find the button or link, it will give the option to play games without downloading software.

If you are using a Mac, chances are that the casino website will only ever present you with the flash casino version. These websites are coded in a way to make access as easy as possible. And even if you are using a PC there will be no problems for you to access the no download version.

In the case of our Host Casino, you can click on any one of the games listed on the site, or the “Register Now” button to start playing.

3. Wait for the instant casino to load

If you have chosen the no download option, you will be presented with a loading screen. Naturally, this screen doesn’t look the same for each and every casino, but it always indicates that you are on your way to gain access to the flash casino.

The loading time will largely depend on the speed of your internet connection, but won’t usually present you with a long waiting time.

4. Have Some Fun!

As soon as the flash casino page has loaded, you can start playing by logging into your account. If you haven’t done that yet, you can just create a new account to get access to your favorite games. Use the menu to pick a game type and click on “Real Play” to play the game for real money.

Registration will enable you to get to the games you want to play by going through the casino’s lobby. Just click on the game you want to play and you will have the opportunity to win big in no time.