Chapter 5 – Making a deposit at an online casino

If you have decided to play for real money, it is now time to make a deposit onto your casino account, which you have most likely already created. Should you not have done so yet, reference the above section for detailed instructions.

1. Open the Cashier Page

Every casino has a button that will lead you to the page where you can make a deposit. However, not every casino calls it the same thing, so you should look out for a button called “Cashier”, “Bank”, or “Banking”. Sometimes online casinos will even indicate the deposit part of their website by putting a dollar symbol on their links, so you will be sure not to miss it.

To make depositing even easier, it is very common to be able to access the cashier page from anywhere in the casino. Like this you even have the option of accessing the bank while you are wagering your money.

Your Real Money Balance

Sometimes you will run out of chips, also known as available credits or money. In this case, the casino will alert you of this fact with a pop-up window. This can easily be fixed by letting the casino know that you would like to buy some more credits, just click on the button that will let you make another deposit.

Usually casinos make it easy for you to keep track of your real money balance. Just check the bottom corners of your screen, this is where the available amount should be displayed at all times.

2. The Bank

In case you want to buy more credits or replenish a depleted casino account, you will access the bank page by clicking on the respective link. This will most likely direct you to a page where you deposit options are displayed. Sometimes there is a long list of options provided, just scroll through the page to choose the option best suited for you.

Even though most casino have an extensive list of offered depositing options, not all of the might be available to you, due to the legislation of the country you’re accessing the page from. The software will prevent you from depositing money into your account with an unapproved method.

Our host casino offers a vast array of deposit methods including credit cards, instant bank transfers and electronic wallets. They will customised the methods on offer according to your location.

All you need to do now is to decide which method would be best for you and subsequently click on the button next to it. This will initiate the depositing process.

3. Deposit Money

After you have chosen a method, you will be taken to a new screen, which will guide you through filling out all the required details. We are going to walk you through the details as if we were going to deposit money with a credit card.

In our example, we have chosen to use our Neteller account. Once we have entered our Neteller account number and secured, as well as the amount to be deposited, we received a confirmation message as shown in the image.

The information you need to fill out will of course depend on the method you choose.

The process may look slightly different at other casinos, but we like to simple two-stage. process at All Slots Casino.

As you can see, depositing money is quick and easy and not hard to learn at all. As soon as you have entered all your details and reconfirmed them it will take a moment for your money to be cleared, but after that you will be able to enjoy real money games right away.

If you are one of these people who would rather use a depositing method like an eCheck, you might be worried that the money will take a long time for you to access. However, generally that won’t be the case and you will be able to enjoy real money play before your money has technically cleared. However, until your deposit has cleared you won’t be able to cash out the money you have won.

Since we only recommend top notch online casinos on MyCasinoRoom, you will be able to access 24/7 customer support services. Should you have any trouble with the deposit method of your choice, there are many ways to get in touch with help.