Chapter 7 – Playing games on mobile devices and smart phones

Modern technology has impacted our daily lives in the most profound way. The development of smart phones has allowed us to conduct almost any action at any time and any place. This doesn’t just hold true for phone calls, emails and social media, smart phones have also revolutionized the online casino industry. Rather than having to stay in one place to enjoy all the benefits of online casino games, we can now play any game we can think of at almost any location we are going to be.

Although we have the devices to enable casino play wherever we want, it is not quite as easy to acquire the applications that will actually run an online casino on a smart phone. Anyone who has tried, knows that there aren’t really any great casino apps on App Store or Google Play, other than applications that will provide you with a similar game (Slots, Roulette or Poker), but without the possibility to wager money. Any real casino fan knows that these options just won’t come close to the fun of real betting.

In a funny twist of faith, the answer is actually much easier than expected. If you stick to the reputable casinos we recommend on our site, this detailed guide will have you set up in no time.

1. Get to the Right Casino

We recommend All Slots Mobile casino. They are a pioneer in mobile gaming, have the best gaming, and the most reliable software. There are many ways of downloading the software and they make it really easy regardless of your device type

Since we want to make this process as easy as possible for you, we have designed to be easily navigated with the smart phone of your choice. Just scan the Q Code to the right of enter your mobile phone number in the box provided. You will receive a link to the casino. Click on it on your mobile phone and voila!

2. Sign Up for an Account

As soon as you have decided which casino is best suited for you, you can access the casino site by clicking on “Play Now”. This will also provide you with an overview of which games are going to be offered. Now you also have the chance to sign up for your own account. This is a quick and easy process.

Once you are presented with the sign up form (as shown below) all you have to do is fill in the requested information.

3. Sign-in

In case you already have an account, all you need to do is provide your username and password. As soon as you click the login button you will be signed in.

If you don’t want to repeat this process every time you log in, just check the “Auto Login” box, so the software will log you in automatically every time you access the site.

4. Enter the Lobby

Once again, the lobby will be the first thing you will be taken to after gaining access to the casino. Just like the desktop version, the lobby will show you all the different games you will be able to choose from. You just need to double click the icon to start playing a game.

Even though the lobby reminds of the desktop lobby, there will be a more condensed selection of games available, usually it is a selection of the games that are most in demand.

5. Get Ready to Play

Now you are ready to play. Even though you are playing on a phone, the graphics and general quality of the game will be comparable to the version you usually play on your computer. However, it might be advisable to switch your phone to landscape mode for some games, since the dimensions of your phone screen and the dimensions of a desktop screen differ from each other.

In order to get to the appropriate screen mode for the game, try turning your phone by 90 degrees. This should automatically make your phone switch to a more appropriate screen configuration.

6. Working the Software

Even though the smaller phone screen is not as spacious, we are lucky that software programmers are usually very creative. Although you won’t have the same kind of overview of all your in game options, swiping left or right on the screen will provide you with all the options that you won’t see on first glance.

In order to go back to the lobby you can always use the backwards arrow on your phone, the same arrow as you would use to go backwards when you’re surfing the internet. Some casinos, however, have managed to integrate a lobby button into the mobile version of their games.

7. Everything Ready for You

As soon as you have completed your account creation, there is virtually no difference between the mobile and the desktop version of the casino. You have the option to deposit money, take advantage of promotions and even access customer support through your phone.

Playing the mobile version of an online casino will require an internet connection. If there is no free Wi-Fi that you can access (which is always the best option), playing will draw from the data in your cell phone package. Unless you have unlimited data, you might want to monitor your usage. guide-iphone-all

Casino Tip: If you want the convenience of accessing your favorite online casino straight from your desktop, we can show you how.

8. Create a Desktop Icon

Open the internet browser of your phone and type in the address of the casino you want to create a shortcut to. When you are on its main page, click the icon at the bottom of the window, which looks like a rectangle with an arrow pointing out of it.

9. Name your Icon

Your phone will open up a pop-up window and put the newly created icon in its middle. In order to have the shortcut at your disposal click “Add to Home Screen”.

You can now name the icon. The name of the casino will most likely already be in the box as the phone’s suggestion. That doesn’t mean you have to choose this option, you can come up with your own original name. After you have decided what it should be, simply click “Add”

Once you have completed all these steps, you have successfully added the shortcut to the home screen of your phone. You can treat it like any other app on your phone and find the space best suited for it, depending on how often you are going to use it. This process will enable you to play your favorite casino games without having to open your internet browser

This step by step guide is geared towards iPhone users, but there are ways to make online casino game access quicker for other types of smart phones as well. One way is to use a home screen bookmark.