The great thing about online keno is that it is a very fast casino game that requires very little thought, but can yield you some pretty impressive payouts if you are lucky enough to match multiple numbers.

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about keno

Although the word keno is thought to have its roots in Latin or French, the game itself has been traced back to ancient China, a nation with a long gambling heritage, and a penchant for dice, tile and number games.

The keno game offered for free on this site boasts an appealing blue background, with a grid of numbers 1 through 80. To start a round of keno, must first select a coin size to suit your respective budget (even when playing for free).

Next, select 3 to 15 numbers, which you will see highlighted on the board. Be aware that the more numbers you choose, the greater your chances of winning, as well as the bigger your potential payouts will be.

Then click “Play” and the game will instantly generate 20 random numbers. The more numbers that match your selected numbers, the more you will win. And that’s how easy keno is to play, and you can play it right here, right now.

benefits of playing keno

One of the biggest benefits of keno is that it is a quick and easy game to play, which requires no thought except when it comes to choosing your numbers. This means you can put your mind in neutral, and wait for your numbers to be matched.

Another benefit of keno is that you can choose your coin size as well as the number of numbers to match.

For instance, if you choose to play 8 numbers and 4 of them are matched, you’ll win 3 coins. Likewise, 5 matches pays 6 coins, 6 matches 19 coins, 7 matches 90 coins, and 8 out of 8 matches a cool 720 coins. And if you choose to play the biggest bet – 15 out of 15 coins – you could end up as much as 10,000 coins richer!

disadvantages of keno

You’ll find many online casino games with more favourable odds than keno, which is essentially a scaled down version of lottery – albeit a lottery game that you can literally play hundreds of times an hour, with the possibility of huge payouts.

Because keno is such a rapid game, where and you can play multiple games per round, you risk losing track of your respective bets and winnings. This is why a set a gaming budget is always recommended.