Gamble Feature Slots

Gamble feature slots games offer a gamble feature at the end of the each winning spin, although some slots may only offer the gamble feature after random winning spins.

This feature is only available directly following a winning spin, which gives you the chance to “take a gamble” for the chance to increase your winnings. Players can usually wager half or all of their previous winnings on the gamble feature.

popularity of gamble feature slots

Gamble features were first introduced on fruit machines slots games as way to give players the chance to increase their winnings. The gamble feature became popular as they offer true odds, which is better than you can find playing an actual slots game. This means that if you are choosing red or black, you have a 50/50 chance of being correct and winning.

Players flocked to these games, as the chance to increase their winnings is so enticing. Although this feature is literally and figuratively a gamble, it has always been popular one. Following the popularity of gamble features on land-based slot games, they can be found on many online slot games, particularly those developed by Microgaming.

how do gamble feature slots work?

The gamble feature is available only if you win. Essentially you are gambling to increase your winnings. If you win a slots round, you can also choose either not to gamble and collect your winnings, or to gamble some or all of your winnings.

If you choose to gamble, you will be presented with a choice. If you guess correctly, you can double or even quadruple your winnings, but if you guess incorrectly for any of the gamble games, you will lose all your winnings from that round.

There is typically a cap set to the amount of money you can win during the gamble feature game, usually based on the amount you have already won. Unfortunately, there is no cap for how much you can lose.

typical gamble games

If you choose to gamble, there are two common types of gamble games you may face.

  • Red or Black – You will be presented with a face-down card and will need to guess its color – red or black. If you guess correctly, your winnings will be doubled.
  • Suit – You will be presented with a face-down card and will need to correctly guess its suit. If you are successful you can multiply your winnings by four times.