Slots Tournaments

Online slots tournaments have become very popular over the years as they offer excellent value for money with big prizes that can be won with relatively small buy-ins. Many online casinos offer real money and even free online slot tournaments.

slots tournament history

Many online casinos run slots tournaments for their players, while some have even made headlines for their enormous prize pools.

For instance, one of the biggest online slots tournaments in history was the World Series of Slots which was hosted by our host casino in 2008, and offered a prize pool of $500,000, including a first prize of $100,000, a second prize of $50,000 and a third prize of $25,000. The tournament was won by Edward G. of the United States, with Petteri V. of Finland in second place and Juwarseh P. of Singapore in third place.

In 2009, Microgaming ran The Grand Slam of Slots Tournament for the first time. It was the biggest online slots tournament ever with a first prize of €1 million. The Grand Slam of Slots II played in 2011 and awarded a prize pool of $456,700 with a top prize of more than $150,000.

types of slots tournaments

There are a number of different types of online slots tournaments:

  • Buy-in – Players can enter these tournaments for a small buy-in fee. The fee typically goes towards the prize pool so the more players that enter, the higher the prizes will be. Players can often enter these tournaments using comp points to buy-in.
  • Freeroll – Freeroll tournaments are very popular as they do not require a buy-in to enter. While players can play in them for free, they offer real money prizes. These tournaments may be open to specific groups of players only such as new players or VIP players.

Buy-in tournaments can generally be broken down into the following categories:

  • Sit ‘n’ Go – This types of tournament requires a set number of people to play. As soon as the required number of players has registered, the tournament will begin.
  • Scheduled – As the name suggests, these tournaments have a scheduled start time. The tournament will begin regardless of the number of players who have registered. These tournaments may allow re-buys, meaning that the player can buy more chips if they run out. Some of these tournaments are open by invitation only and may be limited to specific groups such as VIP players or new players.

Scheduled slot tournaments have prize pools that can be divided as follows:

  • Guaranteed – These tournaments offer a minimum prize pool which the casino will guarantee.
  • Shared – These prize pools will be dependent on the number of contestants. The more people who buy into the event, the larger the prize pool will be.
  • Satellite – The prizes for these tournaments include entry into other events. These may be other slots tournaments at the casino or even large land-based slots tournaments.