No Download Casino

An online casino can make its games available via free downloadable software or instant play Flash (or Java) games, which means you can play directly on your internet browser with no download necessary. So it follows that a casino that offers instant play games is known as “a no download casino.”

a no download casino explained

In the early days of online gambling, downloadable casino games were the norm, which meant that if you wanted to gamble online, you pretty much had no other choice but to download and install the free casino games. Of course, it helped the game play if you had yourself a decent, i.e. “fast” computer.

Eventually online casino software designers recognised a need for creating internet browser-based casino games, to allow people to play almost instantly without having to worry about first downloading the software, as well as painstakingly waiting for the software to update every time they log into a casino.

Enter the term no download casino, indicating a gambling site that either offers instant play games exclusively, or alongside downloadable games. These days, the majority of good online casinos offer players both types of games.

no download vs download casino games

In terms of the difference between no download vs download casino games, they are pretty much identical in terms of graphics, sounds, features, payouts and general playability. Although in the early days downloadable games were better quality than Flash games, today the games are equally good.

So no matter what your favorite game, you will find it offered in Flash, or its imminent replacement, HTML 5. In other words, you can expect to find a great choice of slots, video poker variants, table games, card games and even arcade-style games like Keno, as well as progressive games, at most no download casinos.

no download casino benefits

There are many benefits to playing at a no download casino, the biggest being how much faster it is to start playing than a download casino. The reason is that Flash games are usually slightly smaller in size than their download counterparts, and thus quicker and easier to load.

No download games are reliant on a browser and internet connection, while download games are reliant first and foremost on the speed of your computer, and then your internet connection. An old and slow computer will have a negative impact on the speed and quality of download games.

Flash games, however, are relatively unaffected by old computers, because their processing and operating requirements are not handled by your computer, but by your internet browser. In addition, no download casino games are a hit amongst players who hate downloading anything.